Baidu Antivirus 5.4.3

Baidu Antivirus 5.4.3Baidu Antivirus

 5.4.3 Baidu,Inc

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Baidu Antivirus could be an extremist light-weight, simple to use, a very quick program that protects your system from malware, viruses, spyware, adware, worms, Trojans and different malware programs.

Baidu Antivirus could be a good free and easy-to-use antivirus software system that offers proactive defense, file protection, USB protection, download protection, browser protection, and different skilled safety features. Ultrafast response supported cloud technology provides correct scan results and time period protection for your computer.

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The program combines the Baidu Antivirus Engine and Baidu Cloud Security Engine with the Avira Antivirus engine to produce you with complete protection against all online threats.

You can run an analysis of your PC and, thanks to its cloud-based security system, virus details and definitions are forever updated and it’ll be able to attack the bulk recent threats.

Baidu Antivirus additionally contains a feedback window wherever you’ll offer suggestions or report errors to Baidu. you’ll simply attach pictures or files to assist clarify your problems. there’s a choice to embrace your contact info like email, Line, MSN, or maybe Facebook.

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Without a doubt, Baidu is an intriguing possibility, if a touch basic, however due to its light-weight standing it will be an excellent complement to different security programs.

Baidu Features:

  • Free download, free upgrade, and free service
  • 11M installation package
  • 10M system resource consumption ensures a sleek and quick running computer
  • Cloud security quickly identifies the unknown virus
  • Ultrafast response to the newest virus
  • Support for English
  • Independent native virus info detects native virus exactly
  • Intelligently automobile select completely different engines
  • Precisely detects and removes 99 threats
  • Baidu Antivirus is compatible with 10 thought security software system excellently

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About this Version

Version 5.4.3
License Freeware
Size 24.3MB
Category Antivirus
Author Baidu,Inc
Languages Multi-languages
Op. System Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ XP 64/ Vista 64/ Windows 7 64/ Windows 8 64

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